About Our School

About Our School


We trust that you find the information contained in our website informative and enlightening. At Indooroopilly State School we continue our work to create a sense of community and positive school environment that recognises the multi-cultural nature of our school and places a strong emphasis on high quality education for all.

Indooroopilly State School is situated in the western suburbs of Brisbane and the majority of our students come from middle to high socio-economic families that are well educated and have high expectations for their children’s learning and achievement. Indro Y5 May 2012 005_cmykAn exciting aspect of our school’s character is the large number of students from other countries. Currently students with English as a Second Language attend our school from 40 different countries. These students and their families enhance our school environment in many ways and we pride ourselves on the multi-cultural nature of our school.

A high proportion of our parents and carers have professional occupations (doctors, dentists, lawyers, barristers, managers, University students, etc) and in most families both parents work in high profile positions.strng bridge

Indooroopilly State School draws its students from 42 suburbs. The majority of the students (72.1%) come from Chapel Hill, Indooroopilly, Kenmore and Taringa. The remainder of students come from other areas of the Brisbane Metropolitan Region.

The students at Indooroopilly State School are very capable, well behaved and enthusiastic learners.